It's easy to renew your College subscription

You will have recently received an email which gives you your renewal details, membership category and renewal fees and it will highlight whether you are already paying by Direct Debit. If you do pay by Direct Debit there is no need to take any further action.

Direct Debit 

90% of  Fellows and Members pay their subscription by Direct Debit. If you hold a UK bank account and wish to pay your current and future subscriptions by annual or monthly Direct Debit please download a Direct Debit Instruction (DDI)  

Renew online 

You can renew your subscription online using a debit or credit card by logging in to the secure Fellows and Members area.

By telephone

If wish to pay by debit or credit card  you can do so by telephone. To pay by telephone contact the Membership Subscriptions Team on : +44 (0)131 247 3657, +44 (0)131 247 3698 or +44 (0)131 247 3641.

    Subscription rates for 2023/2024

    Subscription rates for 2024/2025

    Claim tax back on your professional subscription

    As the College has been approved as a professional body by HMRC, UK tax payers who are not retired may be able to claim tax back on their subscriptions.

    RCPE Guide - Claiming back professional expenses for UK doctors

    Retired rates

    Retired rates are available to Members and Fellows in the UK and internationally who have retired completely from paid practice.

    We offer Membership discounts to:

    • Those working less than full time (LTFT)
    • Members who are on maternity leave, paternity leave or adoption leave

    Members working part-time

    A 25% discount  for subscription is available for those working up to 0.8 whole time equivalents; please take into account all of your remunerated activities before applying including any non-clinical roles you may have. Discounts may be awarded at the time of joining or at a future subscription due date but do not apply to JRCPTB training registration fees. To apply please email  

    Concessionary rate for members on maternity leave, paternity leave or adoption leave

    A 50% discount will be applied to the next College subscription due after the maternity, paternity or adoption leave period starts and is for one year only. To apply please email