The Symposium Committee oversees the College's rolling programme of specialty-specific symposia, with each specialty being covered at least once every four years.

For each symposium, a call goes out for an organising chair in that specialty, who then establishes an organising committee. Each organising committee includes the specialty representative from the Symposium Committee and reports back to the Symposium Committee, which reviews the submitted programme, and approves it once completed.

The Symposium Committee strives to ensure that equality and diversity are placed at the centre of all our symposia, and organising committees are asked specifically to be mindful of this when choosing a programme.

Approximately 10-12 symposia are held at the College annually, with the College’s flagship St Andrew's Day symposium held usually in late November or early December each year. Additionally, several symposia are also held in partnership/association with other Colleges/Associations.

Members on the Symposium Committee serve for a three-year term and vacancies are advertised.

If you have any questions or suggestions relating to our symposia, please e-mail Eileen Strawn at e.strawn@rcpe.ac.uk.


Symposium Committee Membership
Post holder Role
Dr Paul Syme Chair
Dr Jane Goddard Secretary Symposia
Dr Jane Wallace Council Rep.
Dr Kerri Baker Director of Education
Dr Ian Chan Journal Associate Education Section Editor
Dr Graeme Currie Journal Editor in Chief
Dr Shahida Din Specialty Rep. Gastroenterology
Dr Gordon Duncan Specialty Rep. Medicine for the Elderly
Professor Andrew Elder President, RCPE
Dr Anne Scott Specialty Rep. Cardiology
Dr Michael Mackenzie Specialty Rep. Global Health
Dr Channa Hewamadduma Specialty Rep. Neurology
Dr Mahendran Chetty Specialty Rep. Respiratory
Dr Naomi Bulteel Specialty Rep. Infectious Diseases
Dr Conor Maguire Vice President (International)
Dr Helen Morgan Specialty Rep. Palliative Care
Dr Anna Olsson-Brown Specialty Rep. Oncology
Dr Susan Pound Vice President
Dr Stuart Ritchie Specialty Rep. Diabetes & Endocrinology
Dr Linsay McCallum Specialty Rep. Clinical Pharmacology
Dr Lorna Willocks Specialty Rep. Public Health
Dr Gavin Chapman Trainees and Members' Rep.