Thursday, 28 July, 2022

 The Welsh Government's consultation included proposals under three themes:

  • Healthier Shopping Baskets – for promotions and marketing to be rebalanced
    towards healthier choices to increase the affordability of healthier options.
  • Healthier Eating out of  Homes – to improve the information available
    when eating out of the home.
  • Healthier Local Food Environments – to shift the balance, so that daily
    journeys through the places we live can help to promote positive choices,
    including to explore the role of Hot Food Takeaways around schools.

The RCPE is generally supportive of the proposed measures and agrees with the Welsh Government that obesity is a major and increasing public health challenge. In addition to restricting the promotion of unhealthy food, the RCPE would wish to see significant emphasis given to the positive facilitation of promotions of healthy food product choices, both unprocessed foods (eg. fruit and vegetables) and healthier processed foods. The RCPE looks to the Welsh Government to work constructively with retail and other industry and relevant stakeholders to put in place support for the promotion of healthier foods.