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Restarting UK PACES: 2020/3

MRCP(UK) is planning to restart the PACES clinical examination in the United Kingdom from October 2020. The safety of our patients, candidates, clinicians and examination administrators remains our main priority. However, any changes we make to PACES as a consequence of COVID-19 must ensure that the validity and reliability of the examination is retained. The PACES carousel must also comply with both national and local guidance on social distancing and infection control. Our COVID-19 clinical workstream group has been working hard behind the scenes and has now recommended some changes to the delivery format for the PACES examination, although final approval from the General Medical Council is awaited. To read more, please click here.

Updated Regulations for MRCP(UK) Exams

The MRCP(UK) regulations have been updated to reflect the changes that have recently been introduced to facilitate delivery of the examinations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These amendments to the regulations outline the new requirements in relation to delivery of paper-based examinations, online examinations, and the new PACES format.

You can read more about the updated regulations on the MRCP(UK) website.