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KH Koh, C Tan
Journal Issue: 
Volume 35: Issue 2: 2005




Central  vein  stenosis  is  a  late  complication  of  CVC.  We  assess  the risk factors and treatment outcome.
A  retrospective  study  on  chronic  haemodialysis  patients  in  Sarawak, Malaysia in 2003.
Out of 315 hemodialysis patients, 127 had CVC.  Fifty percent (7/14) of patients with LIJC developed central vein stenosis compared with 0·9% (1/117) with  RIJC  (p<0·05).   Seven  out  of  13  patients  with  left  CVC  and  left  AVF developed signs and symptoms of central vein stenosis in comparison to one out of 24 patients with right CVC and right AVF (p=0·001).  Among the 14 patients with LIJC, those with central vein stenosis were older (p=0·028) and tended to have  longer  duration  of  catheterisation  (p=0·142).  Among  the  eight  patients with  central  vein  stenosis, four  underwent  venoplasty  and  stenting.   All  had symptoms improvement.
LIJC is associated with a high risk of central vein stenosis especially in the older patients. Venoplasty and stenting is a feasible treatment.