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J Dear
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Volume 37: Issue 2: 2007




This  hot  topic  meeting  addressed  the  burning  issue  of  the  potential power  of  the  medical  profession  and  others  to  create  disease  out  of cardiovascular  risk  factors.   Cardiovascular  disease  remains  the  most  common cause of morbidity and mortality in most of the western world, and in Scotland in particular.  Clearly the reduction of cardiovascular disease is a critical goal but a side-effect of this can be the transformation of fit, healthy people with an increase in  risk,  into  unwell  patients  labeled  as  suffering  from  disease.    To  prevent unnecessarily  turning  people  into  patients  we  need  to  understand  the epidemiology of risk factors and have clear mechanisms for educating healthcare providers and the public.  These topics were the focus of this well attended and stimulating meeting