Fiona Aitken

Fiona joined the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and the QGC as the first External Relations & Quality Governance Assistant in 2020 and has since progressed to Co-ordinator. Fiona speaks on the topic of Global Health Governance within the QGC Fellowship Programmes. She has recently further developed her global health speciality by attending the University of Oxford professional short course in Global Health Diplomacy & Security. 

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Community services – with a focus on international health from the University of Victoria and a Master’s degree from Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE) in Advanced European and International Studies (MAEIS). While at CIFE, she wrote her master’s thesis on Global Health Governance and its impacts on responding to health crises, with specific focus on the Ebola crisis. She also holds the professional degree qualification of Policy Officer in European and International organisations, recognised by the French state. She has a varied professional background in administrative management, provincial government, and the retail and hospitality sectors.