The College represents over 14,500 Members and Fellows in 100 countries and is committed to championing equality, diversity and inclusivity (within its workforce and its membership). Through the equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) group the College will be responsive to the needs of its membership and staff through raising awareness of EDI issues, addressing challenges, and ensuring quality and parity of access, involvement and representation for all.  

Please contact Lowry McLoughlin for any further information.

If you have any suggestions for areas of discussion, please contact us.


Our aims are:

  • To foster an inclusive community, valuing diversity, enabling equality of opportunity and emphasising dignity and respect
  • To plan and implement a programme of work to embed the principles of equality and diversity across all College activities and structures
  • To communicate our commitment to our aims and actively involve and represent our wider community


In 2023, members of the College's Council and Senior Management Team were invited to complete an EDI survey to provide us with information about the diversity of our leadership. 19 members of Council completed the survey (58%) and 4 members of SMT (100%). The College will use this information to identify existing gaps or issues and work towards improving them, with regular review.

Inspiring Physicians Project

The College is proud to highlight our Inspiring Physicians project which recognises and highlights the contributions of clinicians today across the world and how they have made an impact on both patients and colleagues alike. Nominations for the project were submitted by our Fellows and Members and our top ten physicians for 2018 and 2019 can be viewed online along with the statements from those who have proposed them.