The Trainee and Members' Committee is a UK representative committee of elected and co-opted post MRCP members and pre MRCP associates. They are committed to making training matter. They provide support for trainees as well as ensuring the views of trainees are well represented within the College and in discussions and those externally that have impact on training.

If you'd like to get in touch with the Trainees and Members' Committee or find out more about its work, please contact

There are three areas the Committee focusses support on:  


The Committee provides representatives to the College's Council and it's committees, which includes: the Finance Committee; Education Strategy Group; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group; and the Library Committee. Our Chair also addresses the new members at the College's Diploma Ceremonies throughout the year. 

The Committee attends the following boards and external meetings:

  • The JRCPTB (meets monthly, except in January and August)
  • ​The UK Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainees Group (meets quarterly)
  • The Scottish Academy of Trainees' Group (meets quarterly)
  • The Scottish Junior Doctor Group (meets quarterly)
  • The General Internal Medicine Specialty Advisory Group (meets three times a year)
  • The BMA
  • The GMC (meets twice a year)

You can find full information on our representation here.

Careers and communication 

We undertake various activities to highlight the benefit of becoming a physician and the transition from medical student to FY1 doctor, these including the Annual Careers Symposium and Evening Medical Updates which cover important tips for life as a junior doctor. Prior to the August changeover our Twitter discussion gave tips from the Committee doctors to new FY1s.

We have a dedicated careers podcast, called Career Conversations. This provides guidance on wide-ranging topics including succeeding at job applications and interviews, preparing for exams, and insights into different specialties and career and development opportunities.


Our Evening Medical Updates are aligned to the general medical curriculum and provide CPD points. Our long established Annual General Conference organised for trainees is webstreamed live across the UK and worldwide, so wherever you are in the world you can benefit from these free events.

We have a dedicated clinical podcast, called Clinical Conversations. This long-established podcast explores diverse clinical topics and includes interesting clinical cases, diagnostic conundrums, and updates on clinical guidelines and the latest research. This podcast is relevant for doctors at any stage of training.

Hear Dr Adelina McLeod, previous Chair of the Trainees and Members’ Committee, discuss how she got involved with the College and the Committee’s focus.

Trainees and Members' Committee Impact