Further Information: 

I am an occupational therapist currently based in London. I have a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy and a Doctor of Occupational therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. While completing my occupational therapy education, I developed strong interests in working with patients in acute care, especially in critical care units. For my doctoral thesis, I created an online toolkit for occupational therapists to promote evidence-based and client-centered interventions in critical care units. Recent research has shown benefits of early rehabilitation in intensive care units to aid patients’ recovery; however, evidence specific to occupational therapy remains limited. It is my aspiration to become an advocate of occupational therapy through advancing my clinical skills and research knowledge. I believe that improving our current service is essential and this will be achieved by bridging the gap between research and practice. More evidence on the effectiveness of occupational therapy in critical care is required to better the field and with the skills I will gain from this MSc program. I am humbled and grateful that the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh for awarding me the scholarship to further my career goals and hoping to make a greater impact to the field of occupational therapy in critical care.