Dr Andrew Murray, ST5 (Currently working for the Scottish Government as their ‘Physical Activity Champion’).
 ‘Definition’ of specialty

The newest specialty. Promotes physical activity for health, provides musculoskeletal expertise, support for team sports.

  • Sport and exercise medicine (SEM) is made up of three elements: exercise as a way to improve health, exercise as treatment for illness and the treatment of injuries from sport
  • The specialty has a large-scale application in improving the health of the general public
  • SEM doctors can help address physical inactivity and deliver care by working with other specialties in multi-disciplinary teams, providing added value and significant cost savings
Overview of training 

Please visit the JRCPTB website for more information.

Exam and other requirements

Please visit the JRCPTB website for more information.

Opportunities for out of programme research 

Fully flexible programme. Can use proforma programme or make your own. Most jobs are supernumerary. Full study leave, loads of opportunity for research and development.

A day in the life of a Registrar/Consultant
  • Portfolio career
  • Public health, helping set up systems and advising
  • Musculoskeletal medicine
  • Teaching
  • Some team sports stuff (I work for the European Tour Golf, Hearts Football Club, and the Scottish Rugby team)
Pros and Cons of working in this specialty


  • Lots of opportunities as most jobs are supernumerary
  • Can tailor the programme to your interests and learning needs
  • Opportunities to work with government, high level sports teams etc. will continue


  • A lot of travel
How this specialty differs to others and why I chose it

This is a health-promoting specialty, getting people active, keeping them active, and providing expert musculoskeletal assessment. There is also the opportunity for involvement in elite sport (I worked at the Olympics for example).

Tips for success in applying for this specialty

Consider doing a Diploma or Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine as it is a relatively competitive area.

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