Further Information: 

In 2019, I concluded a 6 year medical degree in my home country, Brazil. Since then, I have been working for the Brazilian public health system, assisting patients in primary care and hospitals.


During my first years of work, I witnessed the damage that dermatological conditions represent to the mental health and general well being of patients. That increased my interest for the academic research of both autoimmune and infectious skin conditions, making me decide to pursue Dermatology as a specialty of interest.


Being awarded this scholarship will allow me to learn from an institution of global excellence such as the University of Edinburgh, while assisting my local community. The knowledge acquired through these studies will bring enhancements to my current medical practice and help me to progress through my training pathway.


I am honored to be provided with this opportunity by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and I’m looking forward to the start of the MSc programme.