It is recognised that mentoring is an important part of a clinician's development but it is also a rewarding experience for the mentor and an opportunity to gain insight into other areas of healthcare.

You will be able share your knowledge and experiences with a less experienced clinician, contributing to their growth during a time of transition or in a challenging environment.

Joining Enhance as a mentor

  • Work with a like-minded professional outside your own daily working environment and benefit from discussing different perspectives
  • Receive valuable mentoring training which will develop and improve your own listening and communication skills which you can use in your day-to-day role.

How Enhance works

As a mentor you apply to take part in our mentoring service through an online platform, which will guide you through the simple registration process. Once you register, we will confirm your association with the College and then you will be able create your profile.

  • Alongside highlighting your areas of expertise and experience that would be valuable to others
  • Within your profile you specify your specialty and place of work, gender and how you would like  mentoring discussions to take place- in person, or through Skype etc.

The matching process

  • We use a highly developed algorithm to define the most appropriate mentee/mentor relationships. This also eliminates 'unconscious bias during the matching process.
  • The mentee will be provided with a list of the best matches for them, at this stage they will be able to review the profiles of potential mentors, and choose the person they feel would be best to have their mentoring discussions. They will then send a request for you to mentor them
  • At this stage, you will be able to review their profile and decide whether you believe you are able to support them. You are able to accept or reject the mentoring request though the platform.
  • If you accept the match, it is up to the mentee to make contact through the platform to arrange the conversation.
  • Mentees are provided with tools to help define their goals, there are also tools, tips and videos to support mentors.

Mentor training and support

When you register as a mentor for the College, you will be invited to take part in a fully-funded Mentor Training Day before you are able to become a College mentor. Our aim is to provide a consistent service and also to provide the skills, support and a development opportunity to our mentors.

The one day programme with a half day follow up is facilitated by an external trainer and will cover the following key aspects to ensure your mentoring conversations are both effective and enjoyable:

  • What do you bring to the role of a mentor
  • Bring clarity to what the role of a mentor is (and isn’t) 
  • Providing a structure for mentoring
  • Managing the first conversation

The next training days are:

  • October, date tbc, Bedford Hospital .

We are in the process of applying for CPD accreditation. If you would like to take part or know more about the training day please contact

Begin your mentoring journey by registering with our secure online platform.