Further Information: 

I am from a small country town in the North Island of New Zealand, surrounded by mountains and rivers and a lot of very loud birds. I started my career as a medic in the New Zealand Defence Force in 2012 where I was fortunate enough to be a part of a cohort studying towards a BSc in Paramedicine through the Auckland University of Technology. Our studies had a heavy focus on combat trauma and primary care, amidst pre-hospital emergency care, which I loved. Over the next 8 years, I would work closely with physiotherapists, nurses, doctors, and other medics with a range of experiences to draw on. This exposure proved invaluable in my development as a medic. 

While I enjoyed my work, I had developed a passion for medicine and wanted more to do with emergency and critical care. In 2019 I moved to England where I found just that in the London Ambulance Service and through study at the University of Edinburgh. Looking forward, I hope to one day return home where I would like to continue my career in critical care and bring what I have learnt into my practice there. I am grateful for the opportunity this MSc has afforded me in developing as a medic; this scholarship is just the cherry on top.