Further Information: 

My name is Ei Poe Phyu and my friends call me Emerald. I am a junior doctor who achieved M.B,B.S. in 2019 from the University of Medicine (1) Yangon, which is the top medical university in Myanmar. During undergraduate years, I got a distinction in Forensic Medicine and credits in clinical subjects. After graduation, I worked as a medical officer at the in-patient department of a private hospital in Myanmar for a year and volunteered in small charities occasionally.

Since I was a child, it has been my dream to become an expert physician like my ideal mentors and make contributions towards the patients, colleagues and the society. Being a supportive course towards my childhood dream and MRCP exams, this Internal Medicine course is definitely a perfect course for my postgraduate study and career development. Above all, being able to learn at this world-class university is priceless for a junior doctor like me who would like to upgrade my clinical experience to the international standard while accomplishing academic milestones.

Receiving this RCPE scholarship is my greatest pleasure in life because it builds up my confidence in achieving my ambitions especially when facing the struggles caused by current situations in my country. So, I would like to thank the University of Edinburgh for giving me the privilege to study this Internal Medicine course, and I will always be grateful to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh for awarding me the scholarship and supporting my life goals.