Further Information: 

I started my medical career in Guadalajara, México, where I also did my foundation year as well as a year of social service. While studying for my medical degree at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, I did multiple rotations in different hospitals and Red Cross (México). I attended multiple symposiums and modular courses to keep myself updated during my studies, and became director of the social group San Moscati, a student group dedicated to fostering empathy, solidarity, and respect in a doctor-patient relationship by carrying out altruistic humanitarian and social support activities for people in need.


At the moment, I’m working at a medical office which provides decent medical care at a reasonable price to people who cannot afford to attend to the private sector. I also work in the emergency department of a private hospital.


The MSc programme offered by the University of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh has been a great opportunity to improve my clinical practice and research skills that not only will be of great assistance for my future, but also beneficial to my patients. I look forward to applying for specialty training in UK and do the MRCP exam. I know this programme will provide me with adequate resources for my future and the understanding of the medicine in the country.


I feel privileged and very grateful to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh for awarding me this scholarship and giving me the opportunity to continue my studies at the University of Edinburgh.  I will continue to improve my knowledge and skills with this MSc Internal Medicine so that I can provide the best quality care to my patients and continue my professional growth.