The purpose of this award is to support and develop the study of the history of medicine in Scotland. The three finalists for the inaugural award presented their papers at an event at the College in October 2019 before the winner, Mona, O'Brien, was announced.

The finalists, who all delivered well-researched and detailed presentations, covered a range of fascinating topics including palliative care, the pox and chola.

Unfortunately the quality of the audio on one of the recordings, that of Sesan Michael Johnson who spoke on 'Aarun-Onigba-Meeji’ as a Scourge and Stranger: Cholera Epidemics and Public Health Discourse in Ibadan, 1970-1996' was damaged and so it not available to view. The other presentations can be watched in full below.

Mona O'Brien, University of Glasgow, with a paper titled:

Essential but Suspect Medical Practitioners: Franzosenärzte in Nuremberg, 1495–1560


Dr Paul Keeley, University of Glasgow, with a paper titled:

The Rise and Fall of the Liverpool Care Pathway: Palliation, Patients, Public, Press and Politicians