The inequity in healthcare between high- and low-income countries remains striking today. The College is keen to play its part in international efforts to develop a coordinated strategy towards achieving equity of health status and healthcare provision globally. We want to facilitate opportunities for our Fellows and Members to form supportive networks  within and between countries, to support training and education and to enable delivery of high-quality, sustainable healthcare locally. The College is committed to partnerships in several lower-income countries including Kenya, Malawi and Zambia.

Volunteering your expertise is of paramount importance to countries developing their healthcare service and contributes towards raising global healthcare standards and universal access to care. Volunteering can also help develop your insight into domestic healthcare provision and strengthen collaboration with international institutions.

What is needed from a volunteer can vary and may include:

  • Those with specialty experience who can offer training/teaching to local staff
  • An advisory role to help develop a specialty/care/new service
  • Fundraising to help an international project support local staff and equipment

The volunteering and partnerships map below contains information our Fellows have provided and contact details for more information. Partnerships with opportunities for volunteering are highlighted in yellow (Volunteering marker). If you have a partnership you would like to add please contact Ellie Barnes