JH Yeo, A Islam
Journal Issue: 
Volume 48: Issue 4: 2018




Hyperparathyroidism may be a precipitating factor to the development of myelofibrosis; however, this is extremely rare with only a few documented case reports of myelofibrosis caused by secondary hyperparathyroidism. We describe a case of a 24-year-old female who had a failed live donor renal transplant and secondary hyperparathyroidism. While on haemodialysis she became increasingly pancytopenic despite erythropoietin injections and adequate iron, vitamin B12 and folate replacement. Her secondary hyperparathyroidism evolved to tertiary hyperparathyroidism despite vitamin D supplementation and phosphate binders. In order to determine the cause of her pancytopenia, a bone marrow biopsy was performed that confirmed myelofibrosis due to her secondary hyperparathyroidism. Following a successful parathyroidectomy in a tertiary hospital, her pancytopenia resolved and she is now awaiting a second transplant.