AL Almada, P Casquinha, V Cotovio, MJ Heitor dos Santos, A Caixeiro
Journal Issue: 
Volume 48: Issue 4: 2018




Palliative care is an approach to incurable and/or severe disease with limited prognosis, aiming to relieve the suffering and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. The existence of psychopathology is common in patients undergoing palliative care, and psychiatric comorbidities, such as depression and anxiety, are frequent and often underdiagnosed. This work constitutes a review of the literature and a reflection on the potential role of psychosocial rehabilitation in mental health in palliative care. Psychosocial rehabilitation may play a role in the mental health of patients undergoing palliative care, contributing to the minimisation of symptoms, support in daily life activities, the improvement of quality of life and the preparation for death.