E Poulakou-Rebelakou, C Tsiamis, N Tompros, G Creatsas
Journal Issue: 
Volume 41: Issue 1: 2011


The first dynasty in Greece after its independence in 1830 was founded in 1833 with Otto, the son of Ludwig I of Bavaria. In 1836 Otto married Amalia, the daughter of the Grand Duke of Oldenburg. The people of Greece anticipated that the marriage would result in an heir to the throne, establishing the new dynasty. The failure of the royal couple to produce an heir was a major reason for their subsequent abdication. For many years both were subjected to repeated examinations by Greek and German physicians, especially Amalia, who was considered to be largely responsible for the infertility. In this paper we discuss possible diagnoses and describe the various treatments suggested for, and applied to, the infertility. We also review the consequent political controversies and the problems created among the royal families of Europe who wanted to replace the Wittelsbach dynasty with another royal line – a situation that led, in 1863, to the succession of the Danish Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg dynasty to the Greek throne.