D Black
Journal Issue: 
Volume 48: Issue 4: 2018




Background The Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) on behalf of the Federation of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians started a process of implementing UK-equivalent Core Medical Training internationally in 2014. An accreditation process was developed to ensure that training standards were at least equivalent to the current position in the UK and that a developmental process was embedded to ensure long-term program viability.

Methods This paper describes developing the appropriate standards, the types of accreditation being offered and the process of a full accreditation visit.

Results The outcomes and learning from the first three accreditation visits, two visits to Iceland and the first to Kochi in Kerala, India, are described. Significant improvement over time has been demonstrated in Iceland as well as very high standards of training in Kerala.

Conclusions The accreditation process is providing early evidence that UK-equivalent Core Medical Training can be delivered successfully in different international contexts. The findings emphasise the importance of externality as part of effective governance. Partners need to be carefully chosen with a high degree of commitment to the process of both implementation and ongoing development. Longer term evaluation will need to consider other dimensions, such as exam results, and trainee and trainer satisfaction.