J Harbison
Journal Issue: 
Volume 45: Issue 3: 2015


Casualties from the Western Front during the First World War were often evacuated to base hospitals on the northern coast of France for more advanced and specialist care. These temporary base hospitals frequently had more than 1,000 beds and were typically staffed by older, more senior doctors than were present nearer the front line. The 13th Stationary Hospital opened in October 1914 on the Boulogne docks and became the main specialist unit for the treatment of eye, face and jaw injuries. In May 1917 it was renamed the 83rd (Dublin) Hospital when the staff was augmented by volunteer staff from Irish hospitals. The hospital subsequently housed an innovative ‘physical medicine’ or rehabilitation unit. The hospital remained open for the duration of the War, moving to Langenfeld in the Ruhr following the Armistice.