Establishing a deanery teaching programme for trainees sitting the MRCPCH clinical examination


Objectives MRCPCH is an essential qualification that all paediatric trainees in the UK must obtain to progress with their specialty training. In August 2009 a structured clinical teaching programme was initiated in the West of Scotland deanery to provide teaching in the clinical examination curriculum, the structure and examination standards.

Design The training programme runs three times a year, commencing two months prior to each exam. Trainees are sent questionnaires to enable improvement of the programme.

Are newly qualified doctors prepared to provide supportive and end-of-life care? A survey of Foundation Year 1 doctors and consultants

Objective: To establish whether Foundation Year 1 (FY1) doctors in Edinburgh are sufficiently  prepared to deliver generalist palliative care, with a view to informing developments in  undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.

Methods: Questionnaires were sent to FY1 doctors and to supervising consultants. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with five FY1 doctors.