Respiratory medicine in Iraq – from the primitive to the advanced

Healthcare in Iraq has seen significant decline over the past few decades. Political instability coupled with austerity due to conflict and war has become a major obstacle in the transition needed to restore acceptable healthcare standards. 

Respiratory medicine had remained under developed despite the potential benefit it could offer to many people suffering diseases of high prevalence.

Sir Harry C Sinderson Pasha (1891–1974): physician, medical educator and royal confidant

Following the end of the First World War, several British orientalists had a significant influence on politics and development in a number of Arab countries in the Middle East. These include familiar figures such as TE Lawrence in Hejaz, Jordan and Syria, Gertrude Bell in Iraq, Harry St John Philby (later Sheikh Abdullah) in Saudi Arabia and Sir John Glubb (Glubb Pasha) in Jordan. There are however other less well-known individuals, of whom Harry Sinderson Pasha is  one.