Emerging pharmacotherapy for COVID-19

Broadly speaking, pharmacological treatments for COVID-19 can be divided into those acting on upstream pathways early on in the disease process via suppression of viral replication or by inhibiting cell entry, and those acting on downstream pathways later on via selective attenuation of the adaptive immune cytokine-mediated inflammatory response. The antiviral drug remdesivir has been shown to shorten duration of disease while interferon beta-1b may speed up viral clearance. The results with hydroxychloroquine have thus far been rather disappointing.

The prevalence and impact of psychiatric comorbidity in inpatients admitted to a district general hospital in England: a 1-week cross-sectional study

Background Mental health problems are amongst the most frequent health problems throughout life and they interfere deeply with physical wellbeing. This study investigated the prevalence and impact of psychiatric comorbidities in a general hospital in the National Health Service.

Methods A single-centre cross-sectional study of all inpatients during a 1-week period.