Professor Derek Bell, President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, said the report “highlights the need to improve the social and economic conditions which may play a role in poor health”.

He added:

“And we agree that concerns over the possible negative impact of austerity and welfare reform on the nations’ health must be taken seriously.

“People from more economically deprived communities make greater use of unscheduled care services. It is important to ensure that patients are treated in the most appropriate setting, at the right time, and cared for by the right people.

“Therefore, work to address inequalities and deprivation combined with investment in prevention may help to reduce the burden on both hospitals and general practice.

“Right across the UK, we need to improve the circumstances which lead to poor health or social exclusion, and we want to see an improvement in the social and economic conditions which may negatively impact peoples’ health.”



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