The following information is from MRCP(UK):


PACES and the removal of social distancing in England

Despite the removal of COVID-19 social distancing regulations in England from 19 July 2021, we would like to advise UK PACES candidates that all established infection control measures will remain in place for all PACES examination venues in the UK until further notice. These measures include:

  • Candidates must undertake COVID antigen testing (Lateral Flow Test, LAMP or PCR) within 48 hours of attending one of our UK PACES venues and provide confirmation of a negative result.
  • Candidates will be required to fill in a screening health questionnaire in advance of attending the exam.
  • The wearing of appropriate PPE (this will be provided at the venue)
  • Appropriate physical distancing (in accordance with the revised carousel format of the PACES exam)

The above requirements will need to be followed by all candidates taking PACES in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  For more information about the exam, click here.