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SK Teo
Journal Issue: 
Volume 36: Issue 3: 2006




A  69-year-old  Indonesian  woman  was  discovered  incidentally  to  have multiple  fine  small  needles  in  the  head  and  chest. They  are  known  as  charm needles, or ‘susuks’ in the Malay language, and are worn in the body as talismans. Inserting charm needles is encountered mainly in Southeast Asia and is related to traditional Malay beliefs, though the wearers also include Chinese and Indians.The needles  do  not  cause  pain  or  swelling  and  and  are  not  visible  externally. They should  be  left  alone  unless  they  lead  to  infection  or  interfere  with  surgical procedures or radiotherapy on the face and neck