Journal Mobile

D Dawson, K Mackway-Jones
Journal Issue: 
Volume 36: Issue 3: 2006




Vascular thrombosis associated with long-haul air travel has attracted considerable public attention.  Most research has used case control studies where selection bias can reduce reliability, but RCTs would be impracticle.  Symptomatic DVT probably occurs up to 0·28% of passengers, and asymptomatic DVT in up to 10·3%.  Pulmonary embolous is the feared complication.  Immobility is probably a main  factor  in  flight  DVT, but  other  unknown  factors  may  also  be  important. Passengers  with  risk-factors  for  DVT  should  consider  prophylaxix; LMWH  for those at high risk, and compression stockings in all risk groups.