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ARL Medford, M Darby, NA Maskell
Journal Issue: 
Volume 35: Issue 2: 2005




This  short  report  illustrates  a  case  of  a  70-year-old  ex-smoker  who worked with asbestos presenting with an abnormal chest x-ray suspicious for lung cancer on initial appearance.  However, subsequent investigations confirmed RA, a well  recognised  pleural  condition  associated  with  asbestos.    The  historical background  of  RA, its  pathogenesis  and  imaging  characteristics  are  reviewed. Rounded  atelectasis  remains  an  important  differential  diagnosis  to  consider  in asbestos-exposed individuals with an abnormal chest x-ray.  Correct diagnosis has important  implications  for  management  and  avoidance  of  unnecessary  surgical staging and treatment for presumed lung cancer.