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RA Wood
Journal Issue: 
Volume 35: Issue 2: 2005




A  recent  book  compilation  of  papers  from  an  international  symposium  on malingering and illness deception is reviewed.  Now that medical education is moving away from the traditional model it is timely for students and doctors in training to become aware that patients regularly mislead doctors by minimising or exaggerating their symptoms. This book concentrates on the latter. There are helpful insights into common conditions when the history dominates the picture and in which there are seldom findings on examination or reliable tests.  Of particular interest are contributions on the epidemiology of sickness absence  from  work  and  on  the  effect  compensation  processes  have  on  the  chronicity  of problems. This book is essential reading for doctors writing Reports for the Courts and in general offers insight that will help all doctors with their clinical practice.