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Trainees in England remain at loggerheads with the Government over the new junior doctors’ contract, with further industrial action proposed at the time of writing. The dispute is not simply about rates of pay and conditions of work; rather, there appears to be a deeper malaise. Junior doctors’ morale is widely reported to be low. Walesby and colleagues summarise some of the causes of the current situation and, importantly, suggest some remedies.
We have two papers on antibiotics. The story of the discovery of penicillin and its introduction into clinical practice is familiar; but both medical historical and popular accounts are incomplete. Gardiner discusses its introduction into civilian medicine during the closing years of the Second World War, when, even then, concerns over bacterial resistance to penicillin were being raised. In his Perspective, Williams reviews the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance, and possible remedies.
Wiblin et al. give advice on starting a research project. Theirs is an entertaining piece; the fruit, one suspects, of bitter experience! Continuing our informal series of papers on a practical, holistic approach to the patient, particular the elderly with multimobidity, Gladman offers a guide to comprehensive geriatric assessment.
Gan and Quinton provide a Clinical Opinion on a high profile report on testosterone therapy in elderly men. They point out the limitations of the study in informing the clinical management of most patients, despite the attention the paper received.
We also bid farewell to Dr Miles Witham, who is taking a well-earned sabbatical. Miles has been the Clinical Section Editor for the last two years and has made important contributions to the Journal.

Martyn Bracewell

Volume 46 issue 3


KE Walesby, MJ Lyall, TW Mackay, B Wood, D Bell

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M Dalvi, F Dalvi, R Ainsworth, FW Gibb, H Horsfall, D Patel, MWJ Strachan

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History & Medical Humanities