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Welcome to the first issue of 2015.

I hope many of you have already read online the editorial by the President of the College on Preventing ‘where next?’. This is an important area for clinicians practising in the UK, and we hope of interest to those outside. Publishing this piece online is also something of a development for the JRCPE. In line with the College’s commitment to make greater use of social media the editorial board of the JRCPE has been considering how we may add value by utilising Twitter, Facebook etc. Suggestions from our readers (and offers of assistance!) gratefully accepted.
The College is a global community of physicians. I was very pleased I was able to persuade two of our Fellows to offer personal perspectives on the Ebola epidemic. Brett-Major has direct experience of managing the disease and Etuk provides the view of a physician living and working in West Africa.

Closer to home, we have the results of a questionnaire sent to all Scottish neurologists regarding their use of the McDonald criteria when diagnosing multiple sclerosis, and a study which aimed to estimate the potential costs of using B-type natriuretic peptide as a screening test for heart failure in Scotland.

Finally, the JRCPE bids farewell to Andrew Medford who has provided good counsel as the editor of the Education section since 2012.

Martyn Bracewell

Volume 45 issue 1




History & Medical Humanities