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Welcome to the third issue of 2014. As usual, there is an interesting selection of articles, ranging from good old-fashioned clinical observation (Bardhan on pyloric stenosis) to the latest in medical technology (Gibson on microRNA, Daly on pharmacogenetic testing).

I am both delighted and daunted to be taking over from Sandy Raeburn as Editor-in-Chief. The JRCPE also bids farewell to Iain Macintyre, History Editor, Robert MacFadyen, Clinical Editor, and Katie O’Neill, Senior Production Editor. All have contributed immensely to the JRCPE, and I wish them well. I am fortunate that Andrew Medford continues as the Education Editor, and Susan Laurence as Editorial Assistant, providing continuity with the ancien régime. I hope change in the JRCPE will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

The College has agreed to a widening of the editorial team, and, I hope, the scope of the JRCPE. In addition to new Clinical and History Editors (Miles Witham and Allan Beveridge), we have appointed an international Associate Clinical Editor (Yeong Yeh Lee), and an Associate History Editor with a particular remit of the medical humanities (Seamus O’Mahony). We also welcome Rona Gloag, our new Senior Production Editor.

Please do read our editorial, What is the JRCPE for? Ultimately, this is your journal and we depend, to a large extent, on high quality submissions from Members and Fellows of the College, and their colleagues. The editorial team is also happy to receive suggestions and comments.

Martyn Bracewell, Editor


R Martyn Bracewell, Miles D Witham, Andrew R Medford, Allan W Beveridge, Yeong Yeh Lee, Seamus G O’Mahony

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I Merinopoulos, S O’Toole, JN Porter, D Braganza, C Mistry, V Vassiliou, DA Enoch

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History & Medical Humanities