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Each issue of the Journal combines original article submissions (which can rarely be anticipated), commissioned editorials, educational articles and clinical controversies/opinions. Overall, we hope the topics selected cover relevant  issues. Our recent Presidential editorial provoked much positive comment; now a letter from Dr Caldwell in response takes the debate forward and outlines manageable ways to guide the NHS back to a quality service.
Editorials flag up possible surrogate uses of biomarkers to select treatments and the problems caused by inaccurate clinical coding. The clinical papers range from Clostridia difficile infection in type 2 diabetes to improved sputum culturing in lower respiratory tract infections. There is also a caveat about the use of dronedarone along with other drugs as a trigger towards acute renal failure.  Then we debate the role of mediastinoscopy in lung cancer. The history section has fascinating controversies and insights, from computer-aided diagnosis in the illnesses of King George III and the eccentricities of Oliver St John Gogarty to a new look at scurvy in Scott’s fateful Antarctic expedition.
We hope that our readers are stimulated by the content; we are always pleased to receive feedback. We also congratulate Dr GE Walker, winner of the 2012 Senior Fellows Club prize, and challenge all doctors in training to submit original articles to the Journal for next year’s prize.
Sandy Raeburn, Editor



I Merinopoulos, V Vassiliou, JN Porter, S Acton, DR Braganza

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JS Lees, N Church, B Langdale-Brown, C Bellamy, P Gibson, S Watson

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AE Leitch, HC Rodgers

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