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K Murray
Journal Issue: 
Volume 39: Issue 2: 2009




This symposium covered a range of common neurological conditions of interest both to the general physician and neurologist. Neurological problems presenting  to  acute  physicians  were  highlighted:  stroke  risk  and  prevention following transient ischaemic attacks; an update on stroke thrombolysis; when to refer  stroke  patients  to  regional  neuroscience  centres;  and  epilepsy  and  its neurological and cardiac mimics. At the other end of the spectrum, the management of  chronic  neurological  disease,  including  Parkinson’s  disease,  and  end-of-life neurology  care  were  reviewed.  Updates  on  developing  patient-centred  services for  people  with  neurological  impairments  were  presented.  Finally  there  was  a practical guide to driving regulations in a variety of clinical scenarios.