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Volume 49: Issue 4: 2019
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J R Coll Physicians Edinb 2019; 49: 347–50



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In memoriam brings to the attention of Fellows and Collegiate Members the deaths of colleagues and friends. Obituaries paying tribute to the life and work of those whose deaths have been reported in In memoriam can be found on the College website:

Fellows and Collegiate Members are invited to provide the Obituaries Editor ( with information that will enable us to write or commission obituaries. Self-written obituaries to be held in readiness by the Obituaries Editor will always be welcome.


Professor GB Goodman FRCP Edin

Born: 20/10/1926 Died: 28/10/2019

Specialty: Oncology

MB Edin 1948, DMRT Lond 1953, LMCC Canada 1959


Dr F Moran FRCP Edin

Born: 21/11/1929 Died: 05/10/2019

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

BSc Glasg 1951, MB Glasg 1954, MRCP Edin 1960, MSc Chicago 1964


Dr EH Jellineck FRCP Edin

Born: 07/06/1922 Died: 12/10/2019

Specialty: Neurology

BM Oxfd 1952, DM Oxfd 1960, CAP III, 6


Dr JC Scott FRCP Edin

Born: 04/01/1922 Died: 14/10/2019

Specialty: Geriatric Medicine

MB Edin 1954, DPM Lond 1959, MRCP Edin 1961 Psych


Dr C Ward FRCP Edin

Born: 19/11/1939 Died: 15/10/2019

Specialty: Cardiovascular Medicine

MB St And 1964, MRCP Edin 1969, MD Dund 1975


Mr IF MacLaren FRCP Edin

Born: 28/09/1927 Died: 03/10/2019

Specialty: Surgery

MB Edin 1949


Dr MR Clayton FRCP Edin

Born: 12/07/1930 Died: 05/10/2019

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

MB Sydney 1954


Dr M Direkze FRCP Edin

Born: 17/05/1940 Died: 02/10/2019

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

MB Sri Lanka 1964


Dr GMM Lowdon FRCP Edin

Born: 31/08/1916 Died: 20/12/2018

Specialty: Paediatrics/Community Child Health

MB Edin 1939, MRCP Edin 1944 Research, DCH Lond 1945


Dr IC Crawford CBE FRCP Edin

Born: 17/06/1932 Died: 18/09/2019

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

MB Edin 1956, MRCP Edin 1961


Professor B Hanchard FRCP Edin

Born: 16/11/1943 Died: 01/08/2019

Specialty: Pathology

MB Lond/UWI 1967, ECFMG 1968


Dr SAW Dissanayake FRCP Edin

Born: 04/03/1933 Died: 15/09/2019

Specialty: Psychiatry

MB Sri Lanka 1958, DPM


Dr DN Nandi FRCP Edin

Died: 26/03/2019

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

MB Kolkata 1945, MSc Kolkata 1950, DPhil Kolkata 1958, MRCP Edin 1963


Dr ER Beck FRCP Edin

Born: 26/08/1934 Died: 13/09/19

Specialty: Gastroenterology

BSc Lond 1955, MB Lond 1958


Professor AJW Henderson FRCP Edin

Born: 11/02/1958 Died: 01/07/2019

Specialty: Paediatrics/Community Child Health

MB Manc 1981, MD Manc 1991


Dr HCB Barnes FRCP Edin

Born: 09/10/1922 Died: 08/04/2019

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

BSc Victoria 1942, MB Melbourne 1951, DTM&H Sydney 1953, MRCP Edin 1959


Dr FI Rackow FRCP Edin

Born: 23/04/1922

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

MB Lond 1943, MD Lond 1952, MRCP Edin 1959


Dr BE Roberts FRCP Edin

Born: 17/02/1933 Died: 15/01/2019

Specialty: Haematology

MB Leeds 1957, MD Leeds 1971


Dr G Menon FRCP Edin

Born: 22/01/1955 Died: 21/08/2019

Specialty: Neonatology

MB Camb 1979, MA Camb 1979


Dr AD Griffiths FRCP Edin

Born: 05/03/1937 Died: 07/06/2019

Specialty: Paediatrics/Community Child Health

MB Wales 1960, DCH Lond 1962, MRCP Edin 1964, MD Wales 1971


Dr IB Sardharwalla FRCP Edin

Born: 25/09/1931

Specialty: Paediatrics/Community Child Health

MB Mumbai 1957, DTM&H Lond 1959, DCH Lond 1961, MRCP Edin 1963 Child Life


Dr E Chesler FRCP Edin

Died: 21/06/2019

MB Wits 1955, MRCP Edin 1958


Dr AJ Cameron FRCP Edin

Born: 12/07/1922 Died: 14/07/2019

Specialty: General Internal Medicine

TQ 1950, DTM&H L’Pool 1955, MRCP Edin 1957


Mr BP Gardner FRCP Edin

Born: 17/07/1948 Died: 15/11/2019

Specialty: Surgery

MA Oxfd, BM Oxfd 1973