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D Doyle
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Volume 40: Issue 2: 2010




The Maclagans were a Scots family from humble origins who produced famous  physicians  and  surgeons  (two  of  them  presidents  of  Royal  Colleges), ministers of religion (including one archbishop and several missionaries), a director of  the Victoria  & Albert  Museum,  a  famous  anthropologist,  many  army officers,  a leading Oxford historian, several town mayors and politicians. Their lasting legacies include many books, papers and reports, new university departments and degrees, a  new  and  much-needed  focus  on  public  health  and  hygiene,  the  care  of  the mentally ill and the development of military medicine, as well as a heightened reputation for the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and the Victoria & Albert Museum,  all  seemingly  achieved  without  thought  for  personal  aggrandisement. People  who  knew  the  Maclagans  well  characterised  them  by  their  energy,  vision, graciousness, humour and commitment to serving others and their Christian faith.