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W Dawson
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Volume 35: Issue 1: 2005




On  22  December, Lord  Warner, the  Health  Minister, announced  a number  of  new  measures  to  regulate  complimentary  medicine  in  response  to report  of  a  House  of  Lords  Select  Committee  and  a  DoH  Consultation Document  published  in  2003.  Although  the  final  paper, describing  the  way  in which   the   government   proposes   to   regulate   herbal   medicines   and complementary  healthcare  professionals, has  yet  to  be  published, the  DoH  has announced  that  it  will  make  £900,000  available  to  The  Prince  of  Wales's Foundation  for  Integrated  Health  over  the  next  three  years  to  develop  robust systems for the regulation of the main complementary healthcare professionals. A  new  Herbal  Medicines  Advisory  Committee  will  be  set  up  to  advise  the Medicines  and  Healthcare  Products  Agency  on  the  safety  and  quality  of  herbal medicines.  The  present  Advisory  Board  on  the  Registration  of  Homeopathic Products  will  retain  its  status  as  a  free-standing  committee, able  to  advise  the government directly. This paper reflects on current attitudes and legislation in the herbal arena.