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H Humphreys
Journal Issue: 
Volume 40: Issue 2: 2010




The increased interest in healthcare-associated infection (HCAI) among the  public,  patients  and  politicians  has  led  to  the  development  of  potential  new approaches to its prevention by industrial concerns and others. Such developments include better methods of assessing hospital hygiene, enhanced decontamination of the  healthcare  environment,  biosynthetic  tissue  alternatives,  antibiotic-impregnated medical  devices  and  information  technology  that  can  help  improve  professional practice. Although promising, many of these have not been adequately evaluated in the clinical setting, highlighting the need for greater collaboration between industry and infection prevention and control practitioners to maximise the benefit of new products and to complement conventional approaches to HCAI prevention such as education, professional practice and the provision of better facilities.