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AR Butler, JL Hogg
Journal Issue: 
Volume 37: Issue 4: 2007




The  1918–1919  influenza  pandemic  resulted  in  more  deaths  than  any other medical event in human history; the most recent scholarship puts the death toll worldwide at 100 million.  Scotland suffered a proportionate loss of life but it was little reported at the time and has been little studied by social historians since. The Great War had been such a traumatic experience that the authorities, and the general  public, could  take  no  more  tragic  news  and  the  result  was  an  uncanny silence. There is little information on the way in which people were affected by the pandemic.  Such  information  could  now  be  valuable  as  we  plan  a  response  to  a pandemic of avian flu. This article aims to initiate study of an important episode in healthcare in Scotland