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MH Kaufman
Journal Issue: 
Volume 35: Issue 4: 2005




Because of a perceived lack of continuity of care of the surgical patients in  the  Edinburgh  Royal  Infirmary, James  Gregory, one  of  its  managers, suggested that from 1800 a total of only six surgeons should be appointed full-time to that institution.  As considerable animosity existed between Gregory and John Bell, a senior Edinburgh teacher and surgeon, a pamphlet that was extremely hostile to his activities was posted in prominent locations throughout Edinburgh. While the author was  named as ‘Jonathan Dawplucker’ it was speculated that Gregory, or one  of  his  close  associates,  was  its  real  author.   The  contents  of  a  second Dawplucker  pamphlet, in  the  same  style, but  probably  written  by  John  Bell, was subsequently published. This  was  extremely  hostile  to  Benjamin  Bell, one  of Gregory’s close surgical colleagues. While much distress was caused at that time, the real authors of these pamphlets are unlikely ever to be established.