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J Walker-Smith
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Volume 36: Issue 4: 2006




In  1882,  Thomas  Anderson  Stuart  (1856–1920)  was  appointed  as Foundation Professor of Physiology and Anatomy at the University of Sydney. At the time  he  was  Assistant-Professor  of  Physiology  in  the  University  of  Edinburgh.  He initiated the building of the Sydney Medical School in Scottish Tudor Gothic style. He attracted notable figures to Sydney Medical School, such as Dr Robert Scot Skirving. The original medical school (now the Anderson Stuart Building) continues today as the pre-clinical medical school of the University of Sydney. Its stained glass windows and  many  busts  of  distinguished  figures  in  the  history  of  medicine  are  a  constant reminder of the history of medicine.  The building with its gothic architecture and echoes  of  northern  Britain  has  given  generations  of  Sydney  medical  students  a powerful message, that they were part of an ancient and noble profession. The  recruitment  of  Edinburgh  academics  to  Sydney  ended  with  Professor  CG Lambie who retired in 1956. The 1950s were a watershed between the Edinburgh heritage and the Australian future.