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UY Raja, A Kumar, V Possamai, D Warner, D Barton
Journal Issue: 
Volume 40: Issue 3: 2010




Acute ototoxicity is a rare but important complication of antithyroid drugs.  Although  previous  cases  have  been  reported  in  the  medical  literature, these cases occurred in younger patients with serological evidence of lupus-like syndrome   with   positive   antidouble-stranded   deoxyribonucleic acid and antineutrophil  cytoplasmic  antibodies.  We  describe  the  case  of  a  68-year-old Caucasian  male  who  developed  deafness  and  tinnitus  one  week  after  being prescribed  carbimazole. The  management  options  include  stopping  the  culprit drug,  treatment  with  immunosuppressive  drugs  and  referring  the  patient  for urgent thyroidectomy. Healthcare professionals who prescribe antithyroid drugs should be aware of this rare but potentially serious complication, so that early drug withdrawal and referral for surgery can be considered.