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A Swaro, V Adhiyaman
Journal Issue: 
Volume 40: Issue 3: 2010




Despite modern diagnostics, the discordance between ante- and post- mortem diagnoses is still around 25%, reiterating the need for high post-mortem rates. In our study, 3.5% had class I errors that, had they been detected during life, would  or  might  have  affected  short-term  outcome.  Another  14%  had  major errors, conditions recorded as primary cause of death that were clinically missed or  unrecorded  but  would  not  have  affected  the  outcome. There  has  been  an unexplained  decline  in  hospital  post  mortems  and  more  than  a  third  of  UK autopsies  are  now  performed  under  the  instruction  of  the  relevant  Coroner’s office. The  UK  Coroners’  system  is  currently  under  judicial  and  administrative review to improve the speed of and reduce the need for post-mortem analysis.