Designatory Letters: 
MD Athens 1958, PhD Athens, MAAD, FRCP Edin 1992

(Based on a tribute in the European Dermatology and Venereology News, Summer 2006)

The death of John Stratigos ( 25th January 2006) will be a loss to Greek and European Dermatology so high was his reputation and considerable his influence.

Born on the island of Kythera he had a childhood much affected by poverty and war. Qualifying in Athens University in 1958, his studies prolonged because of civil war he served as a consultant at Evangelismos Hospital from 1963-1966.

In 1966 he began studies in London during a two-year FRCP Edin on Photobiology at St John’s Institute of Dermatology following which he returned to Greece in 1969 to become Associate Professor of Dermatology and Scientific Director of the Department of Dermatology at A, Sygros Hospital from 1969-1981. His final promotion, culminating in 15 highly productive years, was to be Chairman and Professor as well as Chief of Staff at A. Sygros Hospital.

He played a major role in the campaign against AIDS and STD and was a Government appointee as Vice Chairman of the National Drug Organisation., Member of the National Health Council and the National AIDS Society and first President of the Centre for Infectious Disease Control (1992-2000).

He sat on many other national, European and international boards, always incisive and courteous gracious - a pleasure to work with and to know as a friend and a colleague.