General Internal Medicine
Designatory Letters: 
MB Edin 1955, MRCP Edin 1960 Neur, FRCP Edin 1973

(Based on an obituary in the Herald July 2006)

Once, when asked by a reporter how he would like to be remembered Iain replied “…as someone who cared about his patients – and that they were happy to have had him as their physician.” Many of us might say the same but in Iain’s case it perfectly the described the man and how he was loved and respected by his patients in Oban and Argyll for over 20 years.

Born in Skye in January 1932 he had never spoken English before he went to school. By the time he went to Edinburgh University in 1949 he was a first class shinty player, athlete and footballer and went on to win his Blues for shinty for each of the six years he studied there. In later years his sporting passion became golf with some wondering to what extent his golf swing owed anything to his shinty days!

After junior posts in Inverness and Edinburgh Royal Infirmary he entered the army to do his National service but so enjoyed it that he stayed on with a permanent commission, in 1963 becoming the youngest consultant ever appointed by the RAMC.

He had several papers published and in 1971 was awarded the Leishman Memorial Prize for the best work of the year. He served in Britain, Germany and the Far East.

In 1972, Lieutenant-Colonel Michie retired from the army and took up his appointment as consultant physician at the Country Hospital, Oban, serving much of the West Coast and Argyll. He became genuinely loved and respected by patients and colleagues alike - generous, dedicated, self-effacing, down-to-earth and highly skilled.

He leaves his wife of 49 years, Lady Ray Michie, herself a famous politician and the daughter of sportsman and political legend John Bannerman. They met whilst at university and whilst different in many ways, perfectly complemented each other and did much to further each other’s careers.