Paediatrics/Community Child Health
Designatory Letters: 
MB Bristol 1941, DCH Eng 1943, MD Bristol 1948, MCRP Edin 1966 Child Life, Fellowship 1974

Cecil Mary Drillien (Mrs Woolf), a retired paediatrician died in North Berwick, Scotland 15 April 2006, the day after one of her colleagues from the same department in Dundee, Dr C C Forsyth died near Dundee.

She graduated from Bristol; in 1941, gained her DCH Eng in 1943 her MD Bristol in1948, her MRCP Edin. in 1966 and FRCPEd. in 1974.

Between 1943-46 she served as a Captain in the RAMC before pursuing her studies in Child Life and Health in Edinburgh and Dundee, eventually being appointed developmental paediatrician in Dundee.

The College sends its sympathy to her family and many friends.