This project was carried out by Mona O'Brien, an intern from the University of Edinburgh's MSc Renaissance and Early Modern Studies programme, and involved cataloguing the sculptures and busts held by the College.


The College’s collection of busts and sculptures is predominantly comprised of works dating from the nineteenth century. The majority of the pieces are portrait busts, depicting significant figures in medical history, with most of the subjects originating from Scotland and having an association with the College itself. Classical and mythological figures, such as Hippocrates and Hygeia, also appear in a number of busts and statues. The pieces are predominantly in a classical or neo-classical style and are mostly made from plaster or marble.


These web pages provide a full catalogue of the College's sculpture collection. You can scroll through or browse by art type, for example busts or statues or you can search by subject (sitter) or by artist. Each entry contains a photograph of the piece, alongside a description of the work and a biography of the sitter and the artist (where applicable). As well as the individual catalogue entries, there is also a general introduction to the classical female statues which are found above the architrave in the Great Hall. The Art Locations section contains maps detailing the layout of the busts, profiles and statues in the Great Hall.

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List of Sculptures and Busts

Introduction to the History of the Sculpture Collection

Locations of the Sculptures and Busts

History of the Artists Responsible for the Sculptures